Finance Minister Yair Lapid unleashed a surprising attack on the Supreme Court on Sunday night in a speech at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center that was revealed Monday by Army Radio.

Lapid criticized the so-called judicial activism of former Supreme Court chief justices Aharon Barak and Dorit Beinisch for undermining the Knesset.

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“Yes, there are stupid politicians,” he said. “There are politicians who lack abilities. There are politicians who lack a spine and are weak, but what can we do? That’s how democracy works. If the public chose them, they are the ones who were chosen. All other options are a direct attack on the idea of democracy.”

In the speech, Lapid did not reveal who he meant when he referred to “politicians who lack a spine.” But he told The Jerusalem Post last week that by cooperating with the haredim (ultra-Orthodox) rather than vote for the conscription bill, Labor leader Isaac Herzog lost both his spine and his soul.

In the address, Lapid also criticized the staff of the budget department of the Finance Ministry he heads for having too much power. He also poked fun at his own lack of socioeconomic experience before he took his post.

“It cannot be there are professionals who believe they understand the economy more than the minister above them,” he joked.

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