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Advisory to journalists in Middle East: When a 'cease-fire' is not a cease-fire
July 15, 2014 16:05
The three Arabic nuanced terms being discussed with Hamas as a resolution to the current situation have nothing to do with a “cease fire”: Hudna, Tahadia and Hudaybiyyah.
Sadat, Carter, Begin, in 1979 after signing of peace treaty.

Sadat, Carter, Begin, in 1979 after signing of peace treaty.. (photo credit:TAL SHABTAI/GPO)

In the current conflagration between Israel and Gaza, news agencies mistakenly report that a “cease fire” is being discussed with Hamas.

In the imagination of the media, such a “cease fire” might result in the kind of armistice that ended hostilities in World War I, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the eleventh month on Nov. 11 1918, paving the way to the Versailles peace treaty and the genesis of the League of Nations.


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