An Iranian nuclear deal - now for the real challenge

Serious statesmen must grapple with the fact that the degree of difficulty of their mission has been compounded by Iranian double-talk and limited leverage caused by the crumbling of sanctions.

World powers and Iran at nuclear talks in Almaty April 6, 2013
Photo by: REUTERS/Ilyas Omarov
Clear differences have emerged over the expectations and outcomes of the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action (JPA), both regarding the dimension of the interim agreement’s limits on Iran’s nuclear program and the efficacy of the sanctions relief. Viewed together, they provide a useful context for what the contours of any good comprehensive deal should look like.

Washington has repeatedly declared that the signing of the JPA effectively closes the window on Iranian enrichment. US Secretary of State John Kerry stated: “This first step does not say that Iran has a right to enrichment. No matter what interpretive comments are made, it is not in this document. There is no right to enrich within the four corners of the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty).”

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