David Brooks, Montaigne, converso Judaism, and modern Western civilization

March 5, 2014 16:39

Montaigne’s Jewish ancestry is not widely known, but is critical in understanding his idiosyncratic view of life and how influential it was in the future development of European Humanism.


Michel de Montaigne. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

New York Times columnist and PBS News commentator David Brooks is an important representative of a new kind of Jewish intellectual. Deeply tied to the Conservative legacy of Ronald Reagan, fiercely supportive of the wealthiest members of our society, and ostensibly committed to traditional social and intellectual values, Brooks has made his sense of cultural elitism and smug superiority quite apparent in his many writings and public presentations.

In February 2012 Brooks outlined his reactionary view of things in an article called The Talent Society which was largely a rehash of many of the stale ideas being presented by then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


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