Israel–Palestine: The Commonwealth connection

Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority – or a sovereign Palestine, if or when this comes to pass – would, if they applied to join the Commonwealth, certainly meet the criterion of “historic ties with the British Empire”.

Queen Elizabeth II
Photo by: Reuters
The Commonwealth, a voluntary association of 53 nations most of whom were once part of the British Empire, is indubitably a force for good in this wicked world, but dynamic or proactive it can scarcely claim to be. Perhaps the time has come for it to adopt a somewhat bolder approach to world politics.

The member states of the Commonwealth span the globe and have a combined population of 2.1 billion people, almost a third of the world’s inhabitants. What unites this diverse group of nations are the association’s values of democracy, freedom, peace and the rule of law, and the fact that, regardless of their individual constitutions, all recognize the current British monarch as head of the association. Alongside shared values, Commonwealth nations share strong trade links.

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