LGBT rights: The government must seize the moment

Just this week the coalition found yet another loophole around sincerely supporting the LGBT community.

Last year's parade.
Photo by: Marc Israel Sellem
Now might be one of the most exciting times in Israeli history vis-à-vis gay rights. The Israeli public is more supportive of LGBT equality than ever before, and the country is touted as a gay mecca in the Middle East. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s admit that it only might be an exciting time. Though the conditions have never been more apt for change, little has advanced in the way of actual legislation. What has made it into law has largely been the result of progressive Supreme Court rulings. The Knesset itself has passed only minimal pro-equality legislation, and MKs could continue their habit of equivocation on most of the bills currently up for debate.

So far, the media have extensively commented on the current coalition’s viability in the face of disagreement on social issues. But framing it in these terms alone ignores the breadth of the legislation in question. So let’s take a look at what issues have arisen in the Knesset in just the past few weeks. It reads like a big gay laundry list.

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