Security versus privacy: A contrast between Israel and the US

When an issue becomes close and personal, people tend to amend their position accordingly by elevating its priority and changing their attitude in support of their own agenda

U.S. National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden
Photo by: REUTERS
Following Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding scope and methodology of the NSA domestic and international spying, the discussion evolved around the proper red lines, limits, oversight and constraints that must, should or should not be imposed on those responsible for keeping us safe and free.

There is no question that the NSA’s and potentially other world intelligence agencies’ data mining of phone call records, email, records of web surfing, credit card and other financial transactions, comprise a massive invasion of privacy. It is also true that unadvertised benefits of these spying measures hinder terror attacks on innocent civilians by unearthing criminal and terrorist plots before they have a chance to transpire.

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