The streets of Cairo are caught in the midst of a murderous frenzy — the Egyptian military on one side and Muslim Brotherhood supporters of recently-deposed president Mohamed Morsi on the other. The death toll now hovers at over 1,000 including twenty-five off-duty policemen murdered execution-style in northern Sinai. Upheaval in that region is of particular worry to Israel and the United States given its proximity to Israel, the Gaza Strip, and the Suez Canal.  Disruption in any of these areas could spark a Middle East war, drawing other Muslim countries into the fray.

While the military-backed interim government talks of taking steps to ban the Muslim Brotherhood, raids on Brotherhood groups in Egyptian cities, plans to disrupt protest rallies, and a 7:00 pm nightly curfew imposed on Cairo’s over 18 million people have done little to deter Morsi’s supporters.


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