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A roller-coaster season
September 4, 2014 16:01
“The last 50 days [of Operation Protective Edge] have changed us all, and you could see it at Contact Point: almost 5,000 people came, but the atmosphere was one of reserve, of restraint.”
Theater Masks

Theater Masks. (photo credit:INGIMAGE / ASAP)

Among Jerusalem Season of Culture staff, emotion is the name of the game this week.

Ensuring the festival broadcast the message that Jerusalem is much more than a conflict area – by running an almost three-month series of events, with guests from around the world, during wartime – was practically a “mission impossible.” Yet just a few days before the last leg, the Sacred Music Festival, it seemed things were slowly but surely chugging along – though all staff members, starting with director Naomi Fortis, insist that “business as usual” would be the least appropriate term to describe the present situation.


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