Art for life’s sake

September 6, 2017 16:58

Bazooka Joe is not just a brand associated with chewing gum... It's also the pseudonym of an Israeli artist whose passion for creation turned his life around.

Art for life’s sake

One of artist Bazooka Joe's creations. . (photo credit: Courtesy)

Art can be a lifesaver. We all need to take a breather from time to time, and pondering the aesthetics and intricacies of a bunch of paintings, for instance, can help to slow the pulse and set things in perspective. For Bazooka Joe, art was, and is, a lifesaver in the keenest and most corporeal sense of the word.

That, of course, is not the 54-year-old artist’s birth name – he revealed his real, definitively prosaic moniker, as an aside – but it fits the bill. “I am Bazooka Joe,” he pronounces.


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