In Jerusalem

Bearing up

The Betty Bears crew of Israeli 20-year-olds will play early jazz sounds from New Orleans at the Indie City Festival.

The Betty Bears gang are not trying to take their merry coals to Newcastle, and they are aware that they have not exactly reinvented the wheel either. The eight-piece band is one of the acts in the forthcoming Jerusalem Municipality-supported Indie City Festival that is scheduled to take place in the Russian Compound on July 24-25, for the second year.

The lineup includes 15 top acts, culled from a wide range of genres, from rock to traditional jazz, and from blues-infused material to high energy cross-cultural ethnic music, courtesy of the likes of Amir Lev, Yemen Blues, Shai Tsabari and Sun Tailor. Musical discrepancies notwithstanding, the common denominator between the bands is that they all feature in video clips shot a couple of months ago at various locations around Jerusalem.

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