In Jerusalem

Digging into the Israel Museum

As one of a group of celebrities leading tours at the Israel Museum, Osem’s Dan Propper will be showcasing archeological exhibits.

The Holy Land gallery in the Bronfman Archaeology Wing, Israel Museum.
Photo by: Elie Posner
Dan Propper has been a leading public figure for some time. He has been one of our more successful industrialists for many years, is a longtime president of the Manufacturers Association of Israel and serves as CEO and chairman of food giant Osem. But behind the worldly businesslike exterior of the 71-year-old business maven beats the heart of an Indiana Jones.

Actually, associating Propper with Harrison Ford’s signature film role might be stretching things a bit, but it is fair to say that the industrialist has a hankering for things archeological. He will put that love to good effect on Monday evening when he leads members of the public around some of the Israel Museum’s archeological exhibits as part of the Artichoke program.

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