Learning language over drinks

On different days in restaurants around Jerusalem Talk Café offers get-togethers in a variety of languages.

May 8, 2014 11:45
3 minute read.

Talk Café meets in restaurants around the city. (photo credit: VICTORIA KEZRA)

In a festive, brightly lit and colorfully cheerful café, a group of people are happily chatting about holidays in French over sandwiches and pasta. It’s not exactly what one would expect when thinking of a language class, but perhaps that is Talk Café’s appeal.

“We started Talk Café a year ago. It came out of the idea that we wanted to do a less formal way of learning a language or preserving the language that you have,” says founder Moshe Beigel. “We wanted to do it in a light way, a social way, not a formal talk. We wanted people to sit down and talk and relax over a cup of coffee.”


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