In Jerusalem

The fun of the Irish, and more

Ehud Nathan’s Black Velvet brings its Celtic jams, horas and polkas to Jerusalem in mid-May.

Ehud Nathan has been doing his Celtic thing here for a long time. Now in his late 50s, the mandolin and bouzouki player is the doyen of the Irish music scene in this country, and will bring his Black Velvet band to Confederation House on May 15 (8:30 p.m.).

Ten or 15 years ago, Celtic music was really rocking here. There was an annual music festival at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque that drew large crowds, and the Irish gospel just kept on spreading and spreading. Black Velvet was a regular feature of the “Four Days in Ireland” program at the cinematheque, and collaborated with many visiting stars from abroad, including uilleann piper Jerry O’Sullivan and flutist-whistler Emer Mayock.

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