In Jerusalem

Yemenite steps – near Jerusalem

More than a jeweler, Shoham Simchi is preserving the tradition and culture of his ancestors through his shop, gallery and music.

Shoham Simchi (fourth from left) with his family and well-known Yemenite singer Zion Golan.
Photo by: Yechezkel
‘Yemenites in Israel greatly value their ancient tradition, with many documenting and preserving it,” says silversmith Shoham Simchi, the founder of the Yemenite Courtyard (Hahatzer Hateimanit), which opened in March in Kochav Ya’acov, 15 minutes north of Jerusalem. The courtyard’s entrance resembles the clay fortress-like buildings of the country on the southwestern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

The Yemenite Courtyard includes Simchi’s workshop and gallery, with a display of authentic Yemenite artifacts, Artisans’ Lane and a Friday market.

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