Daytime populations

According to calculations, it turns out that the size of Tel Aviv’s population during the day swells to 604,600, an increase of 39% over the number of permanent residents.

March 7, 2018 18:37
2 minute read.
Daytime populations chart

Daytime populations chart. (photo credit: JERUSALEM INSTITUTE FOR POLICY RESEARCH)

Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research According to population statistics published by the Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2016, 874,200 people lived in Jerusalem, half that number in Tel Aviv (435,900) and one-third that number in Haifa (279,200 residents).

These are the numbers of permanent residents in these cities, but since they are major metropolitan areas, the number of people who spend the day in these cities rises every morning, when tens of thousands of people enter the city for employment, education and other activities. These metropolitan cities function as employment centers for people who live in nearby commuter towns.


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