Do you believe in divination?

In Part 2 of our series about magical practices in Israel, we explore the art of fortune-telling.

September 6, 2017 18:58
Do you believe in divination?

A man in Cameroon attempts to tell the future by interpreting the changes in position of various objects as caused by a freshwater crab through the practice of nggàm.. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

After living in Israel for only a short time, I was surprised and even shocked by the extent that superstition and magical practices influence the daily lives of many citizens, regardless of age, religious beliefs or background. In a series of three articles I’ve set out to share what I’ve learnt. Part 1 examined the Jewish opinion on magic, particularly the difference presented in the Talmud between miracles – performed by the devout as a reward for their faith in God – and black magic, forbidden by Jewish law, though not denied.

Part 2 explores divination, the act of fortune-telling.


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