On May 26, the day before her wedding, MK Tzipi Hotovely (Bayit Yehudi) paid a visit to the Temple Mount to say a prayer. As with many other brides these past years, Hotovely couldn’t utter a word of her prayer due to the strict restrictions imposed on Jews visiting the holy site. But the trend is growing. Hotovely coordinated her visit with the chief of police, contending that it was purely for “personal reasons.” But she quickly added that going up to the Temple Mount was important for her on that specific day in her life, since “establishing a new home among the people of Israel is not only a private event, but it also has some public aspects, such as rebuilding one of Jerusalem’s ruins.”

The visit was guided by Nadav Shragai, a journalist and researcher who promotes studies on the site and its varying status. To the media, Hotovely added that “the restrictions imposed on Israelis, including public figures, are not appropriate.”


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