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Digging up treasures
July 11, 2013 16:04
The supposed ancient city of Libnah is being awakened from a 3,000-year sleep as excavations reveal findings from First Temple, Canaanite periods.
Itzik Shai at the Libnah site.

Itzik Shai at the Libnah site 521. (photo credit:Adam Ross)

The residents of the Shfela, which extends from Latrun in the North to Kiryat Gat in the South, are well aware of the historical significance of the area in which they live. The vast excavations at Beit Guvrin that open a window to the Bar Kochba revolt in Second Temple times and the Eila Valley where David slew Goliath, a stone’s throw from Beit Shemesh, are just two of the historical treasures.

It is here, perhaps unbeknown to locals that an archeologist licensed from Bar-Ilan University is almost certain that he has uncovered the biblical stronghold of Libnah.


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