In Jerusalem

Human beings

Israel behaves unethically in Beit Safafa

For more than a year, the women and men of Beit Safafa fought the construction of the highway
Photo by: Courtesy
One of the most decent human beings I know lives in Beit Safafa, a Palestinian village of about 10,000 in southern Jerusalem. My friend, Abu Nasser, is a wise and generous man, a man of dignity, integrity and peace, who is slow to anger and quick to find a diplomatic solution to any conflict.

Recently, my friend woke up, together with the rest of Beit Safafa, to discover that the village’s residents had once again become the target of a hate crime. Vandals had slashed the tires of about 30 cars in the neighborhood and sprayed the walls with anti-Arab graffiti in what police suspect is the second “price tag” attack on the village in six months. The graffiti read “Arabs=Thieves” and “There is no coexistence.”

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