In Jerusalem

In memory of Nava Indig

Widower Moshe Indig inaugurates a home for girls in distress.

After Nava Rachel Indig, a mother of five and grandmother of 10, tragically died two years ago following an exhausting battle with cancer, Jerusalem-based businessman Moshe Indig came up with a way to immortalize his late wife. Together with TELEM director Benayahu Dvir, he decided to establish Beit Nava, a shelter for religious teenage girls in distress, which was inaugurated last week.

The shelter helps girls from broken homes, violent and sexually abusive environments and religious backgrounds where they did not fit in, among other adversities, offering them a place where they can be safe and grow financially, academically, and psychologically. At Beit Nava they receive sensitive and personalized care in a family environment where they can interact with other girls and teachers, study and have a home.

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