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Joy of Jerusalem
June 19, 2014 11:45
Cooking in the City of David with Jamie Geller and ‘MasterChef’ Tom Franz.
Tom Franz

Neither cookbook author Jamie Geller nor Tom Franz is a trained chef, but they both certainly enjoy what they do.. (photo credit:DAVID VAAKNIN)

Under olive trees and against a background of entwined grapevines, kosher cookbook author Jamie Geller and MasterChef Israel winner Tom Franz cooked up a storm last week in the City of David Foundation’s shady stone courtyard.

The two were filming an episode based on cooking the biblical seven species for Geller’s online culinary series, The Joy of Israel. About 50 fans watched in fascination as the aproned Franz concocted Moroccan bread, a complex take on Waldorf salad, and pancakes topped with a white chocolate ganache. Geller, clad in elegant black and a long-tressed wig, tasted the dishes and elicited cheers and whoops from the audience.


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