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Grapevine: Kabbalat Shabbat for all

Every year is suffused with festivals and anniversaries in Israel.

‘Dar Al Khaleej’ claims PM Netanyahu’s isolation outside Israel has become internal as well.
Photo by: REUTERS
STARTING TODAY, over the next four months until September 19, the popular Kabbalat Shabbat community sing-a-long at the First Station will be in force from 5 p.m. every Friday. Admission is free and participants include almost every stream of Judaism, and almost every age group from toddlers to nonagenarians. It’s an extraordinary pluralistic experience, in which all the barriers that may exist between one stream of Judaism and another are torn down in welcoming the Sabbath.

It’s as Jewish a happening as anyone could wish for, with live music, singing and dancing. People can just sit, listen and watch, or join in if they feel like it. There is no pressure either way. It’s simply a means of enabling Jews to forget their differences and to focus on their commonalities.

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