In Jerusalem

Taking the young to heart

Following Hitorerut’s success in the last elections, a new player is now vying for the leadership of the younger generation

Hitorerut’s Meirav Cohen
Photo by: Marc Israel Sellem
The local political scene is heating up. With about 100 days left before the municipal elections and despite the hot summer weather, things are moving, and every week brings us news, some of which is surprising. While it is still not clear if Moshe Leon, the declared challenger to Mayor Nir Barkat, has found a home in Jerusalem, most of the action during the past days has taken place among the groups running for the city council.

Everyone agrees that the main factor that brought Barkat to the mayor’s chamber was the awakening of the young generation in the city and their ability, in a rather short time, to encourage their peers to vote (in the 2008 elections) instead of leaving the city. It is a commonly held belief among a large part of the non-haredi residents that the city’s former mayors did not pay enough attention to their needs.

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