In the Grain: Jack and the bean sprout

August 23, 2017 22:53

Baking with bean sprouts.

healthy foods

Bean sprouts. (photo credit:MRSIRAPHOL - FREEPIK.COM)

We have all seen those small, plastic containers of bean sprouts in the supermarket refrigerators, a tangled mesh of white, fibrous strands. We have heard about the health benefits of bean sprouts, perhaps know some people who add them to their salads, but the concept seems foreign to us, s o m e - thing perhaps associated more with a Chinese diet than our Western palate.

The truth is that bean sprouts are very healthy, but beans are not the only thing that can sprout. In fact just about every seed – grains and lentils among them, has the ability to sprout and it is what happens during the sprouting process that causes the magic to happen.


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