Like roses among the thorns

The no-win situation of city center restaurants and bars, which is compounded by municipal directives.

April 6, 2016 19:16
Nahalat Shiva

Raphael Kohn (right) washes the street outside his Nahalat Shiva restaurant this past week, together with a 90-year-old shoemaker who has had a store in the area for 35 years. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Every morning, Raphael Kohn starts his day by washing away urine and other excrement from the narrow alley that leads to his restaurant in Nahalat Shiva. Kohn hurries to do it very early, because he knows that if a municipality inspectors “catches” him cleaning, he will get a ticket (about NIS 400) for intervening in something outside his authority.

And, surprisingly enough, that doesn’t mean that the cleaning job will get done anyway.


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