Religion and the State: Let that woman go!

May 11, 2017 20:13

Gordetski is still spending most of her days opposite the Knesset, trying to catch the attention of passersby, particularly MKs.

Israel women hunger strike

Tzviah Gordetski (center, outside the Knesset with supporters): ‘Why isn’t the State of Israel protecting me and providing me with the freedom I deserve?’ . (photo credit:SHOSHANNA KEATS-JASKOLL)

On May 3, the morning after Independence Day, a distraught woman appeared on the sidewalk facing the Knesset and started a hunger strike.

Tzviah Gordetski, 53, stood there all day long – and virtually every day since – asking the state to give her her freedom back. Gordetski has been held captive for 17 years by a recalcitrant husband who prefers sitting in jail to giving her a get (divorce according to Jewish law) and she wants the Knesset to approve a bill that could set her free.


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