An intimate Israel through painting

September 5, 2017 12:56

The artist desires to teach by example and demonstrate what can be achieved if one is willing to venture beyond the limitations of scope or habits of mind.

A Sabra cactus, from which the name for a native Israeli is derived.

A Sabra cactus, from which the name for a native Israeli is derived.. (photo credit:IGOR MOJZES)

I am about to embark on a journey in writing about an artist with whom I have shared the past 20 years. I have known the painter, Igor Mojzes, as his wife, best friend and colleague. If one’s life is a work of art in the making, then living with an artist certainly makes one that much more aware of this fact. Since our life together began, not a day has passed without my being immersed in thoughts about art, its functions and those of the artist within society as a whole.

Igor’s art is a record of human honesty. In the pursuit of excellence, of mastery, the painter seeks to perfect, purify, polish and reveal the essence of the subject he paints.


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