The silver screen

June 8, 2017 13:53
1 minute read.
The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund

Film and TV Productions Supported By The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund, 2010-2016. (photo credit: JERUSALEM INSTITUTE FOR POLICY RESEARCH)

In 2008, The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund set up operations in the city, tasked with promoting the production of audio-visual works with Jerusalem as their focus, and expanding employment possibilities for Jerusalemites in the film industry.

The fund’s staff assists local and international filmmakers to produce works for film and television in the city, in the same way that funding bodies and film foundations do in other cities and countries around the world. It is known that the production of films and TV series, with support, contributes to the image of a place, augments the development of a creative society and positions the locale as a tourist destination. The production of films and TV series in Jerusalem also provides employment for a second circle, comprised of drivers, catering services, hotels and more.


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