The sound of the soul

One could identify Effie Benaya, founder, manager and artistic director of the Oud Festival of Jerusalem, as the most realistic dreamer among us.

November 17, 2016 20:43
Stavros Xarchakos

Greek composer and conductor Stavros Xarchakos. (photo credit: GIANNIS GLIKAS)

How do you identify a dreamer? Should he have veiled eyes and be able to see beyond present reality? Has a dreamer any obligation to fulfill his visions, or should other, more realistic people carry on those dreams to implementation? But who says that a dreamer’s vision cannot be realized? We may have the tendency to admit that visionaries and dreamers mostly appear in the field of social or political issues and changes, but there are quite a few whose dreams have changed things in our lives here, with regard to our way of seeing things, to get closer and fall in love with some expressions of art.

I met last week with one of those dreamers who has changed the skyline of the arts and cultural life in Jerusalem, and he doesn’t have even one of the conventional characteristics of the classical dreamer.


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