A concept called Nitzana: A community has become an incubator for ideas

October 1, 2017 23:50

Nitzana has created an ecological village that practices what it teaches.

Eritrean refugees in Nitzana

Eritrean refugees in Nitzana.. (photo credit:JEWISH AGENCY)

ON A hilltop close to the Israeli-Egyptian border on March 21, the spring equinox, groups of Jews, Christians and Muslims marked the date on which the length of day and night are equal by praying together – in three different directions. The participants were students, volunteers and teaching staff, all members of a remarkable institution – the Nitzana Rural Educational Community.

Located in the middle of the desert, Nitzana – which has just celebrated its 30th year – has become a model of environmental and educational progress, attracting thousands of young people annually from Israel and abroad.


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