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Art that isn’t what you’d expect
February 21, 2017 16:36
An exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum showcases the works of African artists and that of Israeli artists who deal with the continent.
Who Is Atallah Abdul Rahman el Shaul

Filmed in Nigeria with local actors, Luciana Kaplun’s 2016 film ‘Who Is Atallah Abdul Rahman el Shaul?’ satirizes Israeli attempts to transplant Zionist models of patriotism and nationalism to Africa. (photo credit:COURTESY LUCIANA KAPLUN)

“Africa is not what you think it is,” says Ruti Direktor, the curator of a new exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum.

Certainly, anyone whose conception of Africa consists of jungle and lions, or news footage of wars and poverty, is in for a surprise when they see the offerings at “Regarding Africa: Contemporary Art and Afro-Futurism,” a large-scale panorama of thought-provoking ideas about the 800 million people who populate Sub-Saharan Africa.


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