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Necessary Stories:Inta Omri

Um kulthum of the North built up to a clima as as she came to the end of the song 'How could they consider that part of my life? You are my life that dawns with your light!'

“Ya aghla min ahlmi,” sang the distant lover from the Galilee
Photo by: AVI KATZ
Ilana Elbowed me and eyed the couple sitting to our left in the Hirsch Theater.

Shaken out of the reverie brought on by the Tarshiha Orchestra’s rendition of Um Kulthum’s hit song “Raq al-Habib,” “The Servitude of Love,” I followed her gaze. The woman to my left was tapping out a text message on her Android as she whispered to her husband, who had a large knitted blue-and-white kippa on his head.

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