Changing the world in 36 hours

Israelis and Indians get together for a weekend hackathon to tackle pressing health challenges faced by the developing world.

October 6, 2016 14:17
Art by Avi Katz

Art by Avi Katz. (photo credit: AVI KATZ)

Moran Neuhof, a Tel Aviv University neurobiology student, and Devorah Heymann, a Tel Aviv doctor, probably would have spent the third weekend of July at home relaxing, as would have Abhishek Appaji, a 27-yearold engineer in Bangalore, and Meghana Kambham, a 25-year-old doctor and entrepreneur in Hyderabad, India. Instead, they decided to participate in a 36-hour marathon competition, in which they hardly had time to eat or sleep, trying to solve some of the most pressing health problems affecting the global poor.

Neuhof, Appaji, Heymann and Kambham were among some 1,000 other participants in the MED4DEV India-Israel Affordable Healthcare Hackathon, which involved 80 teams in the three Indian cities of Bangalore, Mubai and Hyderbad and 16 in Tel Aviv.


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