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Golda’s notebook for the developing world

A surge of Israeli initiated projects is leveraging the economic potential of women in Africa and Asia.

Gili Navon (center) with the artisans who founded the Rengam Mising weaver cooperative in India
EVER SINCE Golda Meir’s first visit to Africa as foreign minister in 1961, women in the developing world have often been the main focus of Israel’s development efforts, just as Israeli women frequently have been the key movers and shakers.

“One of the biggest things Golda Meir did back then was to make people aware of how the economic potential of women was being ignored,” says Mazal Renfeld, who until recently served as director of the Haifa-based Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC), which was set up by the Foreign Ministry’s Mashav agency in the wake of Meir’s 1961 trip to provide women from the developing world with leadership skills.

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