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The need to rename God

Interbreathing, not overlordship, is how our world now works.

The point is that when the world is turning upside down or inside out, God must be differently named
Early in the Book of Exodus (Shemot, or “Names”), God goes through a change of name. This is no minor side-slip. For the Eternal Holy One who suffuses all the universe to change The Name is seismic. Cosmic.

It happens first at the Burning Bush. As Moses faces his mission to end slavery to Pharaoh, he warns God that the people will challenge him: “Sez who?” And God answers, “Ehyeh asher ehyeh, (I will be who I will be)” – a fitting Name for a universe in which the poor can be empowered and the pharaoh’s power can dissolve like powder into the Sea of Reeds… Then God adds, “But that’s a mouthful. You can use just ‘Ehyeh, I will be,’ as my nickname, if you like.”

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