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US Affairs: How AIPAC handled Obama’s U-turn

The pro-Israel lobby signaled clearly to the White House that it was in its corner on the Syrian issue.

Obama addresses the AIPAC policy conference in Washington.
Did AIPAC, the mighty America Israel Public Affairs Committee, stumble badly in lobbying US lawmakers to support a strike on Syria, only to see the United States and Russia cobble together a deal to get Damascus to disarm its chemical weapons arsenal? The many enemies and critics of the pro-Israel lobby, on both the extreme right and extreme left, certainly think so. But the truth seems to be very different.

AIPAC has reacted cautiously to the news of a deal between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to get Syria to surrender its massive arsenal of chemical weapons. “A deal on these terms would be a welcome turn of events,” the organization acknowledged in a statement on September 16.

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