Disbanding the PA

November 21, 2011 14:34

If Mahmoud Abbas carries out his threat, it could shake up the region.

PA President Abbas at PLO Executive meeting

PA President Abbas at PLO Executive meeting 311 (R). (photo credit:REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman)

Israelʼs relationship with the Palestinian Authority (PA ) has reached a new low, the worst it has been since the second intifada and the 2002 siege on then-PA president Yasser Arafat at his headquarters in the Mukata'ah in Ramallah. In those days of bloodshed and violence, Palestinians perpetrated devastating suicide bombings and the IDF conducted retaliatory raids into the Palestinian cities.

But no violence is involved in the current struggle between Israel and PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad. True, there are occasional incidents of rock-throwing and some Israeli casualties, and there are ongoing skirmishes between Palestinians and settlers, along with “price tag” attacks as well as some murderous Palestinian terror attacks on Jewish settler families – but for the most part, the struggle is political, not violent.


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