Jerusalem Report

A strategic silver cloud

The Syrian civil war has removed the last remaining military threat on Israel’s borders, but the emerging chaos presents other challenges

Syrian Rebels
Surely the two-year-long civil war in Syria should have ended ages ago. It was and still is – better late than never – the moral duty of the impotent international community to put an end to the useless bloodshed.

The war of attrition between the government forces of President Bashar Assad and the fragmented opposition units has resulted thus far in 70,000 dead and 200,000 injured – mostly unarmed civilians – and one million refugees, who have found makeshift shelters in neighboring Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. In light of the disagreements between Russia and the West on how to end the war, NATO forces, led by the US, should have intervened. Instead, however, they are sitting idle and paying only lip service to the Syrian tragedy.

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