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Deterrence is the key

Anti-missile defense systems are not a real match for the increasing number of rockets and missiles directed at Israel.

Line-up of missiles
Photo by: Courtesy
The Hebrew month of Adar (which includes the festival of Purim) is a time for Jews to masquerade, to be happy and in a celebratory mood.

This may explain the five-day festival beginning March 5 orchestrated by the Israeli government and the IDF to mark the seizure of an Iranian ship flying a Panamanian flag. After months of intelligence gathering and surveillance, the Israel Navy intercepted the Klos C in the Red Sea, some 1,500 kilometers from Israel. On board were Syrian-made missiles, mortar shells and bullets being shipped from Iran, via Iraq, to Sudan. From there, it appears, the Iranian plan was to smuggle the weaponry to the Gaza Strip. The shipment was most likely intended for Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a medium-sized terror group fully sponsored by Iran. Unlike the much larger Hamas movement, which broke off ties with Iran over Tehran’s support of President Bashar Assad in the bloody civil war in Syria, PIJ has remained loyal to Tehran.

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