A senior source in the Jewish Agency told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday night that the organization would be providing NIS 40 million in funding for the government’s plan to fortify homes close to the Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday that the government will fortify 1,800 homes and public buildings within 7 km. of the Gaza Strip to protect them from Palestinian rocket and mortar fire.

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The Jewish Agency said that it will be transferring the money through its subsidiary organization Amigor, which provides and manages public housing around the country.

The money is being directed from a special fund created for the purposes of home fortification in the South.

The cabinet is expected to decide on the issue on Sunday.

Fortification for homes until now was extended to communities lying within 4.5 km. of Gaza, but will now be extended to the 26 community urban centers within a 7 km. radius of the Strip.

The entire project is expected to cost between NIS 220m. and NIS 270m.

Herb Keinon contributed to this report.