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Ask The Rabbi: Does Halacha permit demolition of terrorists’ homes?
March 16, 2017 12:13
Accordingly, it is hard to say that Jewish law gives a definitive answer to this dilemma.
Home demolition

Children descend the stairs of the home that belonged to convicted terrorist Muhammad al- Haroub, in Deir Samt, south of Hebron, after it was partially demolished by the IDF in February 2016. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Since 2014, Israel has renewed its practice of demolishing or sealing off homes of terrorists who murdered Israeli citizens. The controversial practice aims to deter future murderers by showing them that their actions will harm those they love. It also seeks to give a strong incentive to family members or friends to report the harmful intentions of would-be terrorists.

Advocates of such demolitions argue that such deterrents are particularly necessary against a Palestinian society that incites violence and offers monthly payments to the families of “martyrs.”


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