Confessions of an anthropologist

In ‘Traveling Heavy,’ Prof. Ruth Behar examines the meaning of life.

Ruth Behar at the Habana Riviera in 2012
Photo by: Courtesy
The Princeton-trained Victor Haim Pereira collegiate professor of Anthropology at the University of Michigan is a Sephardi- Ashkenazi Cuban-American multi-breed, whose life’s work appears to be to leave home, to study the homes of others, to define home, to understand home and to come home.

Acclaimed as his “muse” by Prof. Jesús Jambrina of Viterbo University in Wisconsin, whose own incursions into medieval Sephardi history were inspired by his meeting her when she returned to Havana to film her Adio Kerida (“Goodbye my Dear Love”) documentary on the Sephardim of Cuba, Ruth Behar is also author of multiple works of anthropology and a poet.

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