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Start-up spot: A start-up with a conscience
February 27, 2014 10:05
Bartrz connects African artisans with worldwide consumers.
An artist at work.

An artist at work.. (photo credit:TAMAR APPER)

While most start-up companies have found success in their design to improve the rather mundane frustrations of Western society (mazal tov, WhatsApp and Viber!), some actually go a step further, improving the quality of life for people in need. Bartrz is one such start-up.

Its founder, Tamar Apper, uses technology and the work ethic of the start-up culture to create opportunity and economic growth for the small village of Ko-Swazi, Zimbabwe. Through the Internet, Apper is able to provide village craftsmen with an expanded customer base, otherwise completely inaccessible to them. As a result, the artists are able to increase sales and make a fair, decent living.


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