The right place at the right time

"We just wanted to spoof Hollywood for their big special-effect films – and we wanted to meet George Lucas… which we did."

Wiese at the Louvre in Paris.
Photo by: Michael Wiese Productions
It’s not easy to find a “through line” in his life, admits Michael Wiese, as he sat comfortably in the lobby of the Mount Zion Hotel in Jerusalem last month. Comfortable is a relative word for the 66-year-old American writer, filmmaker and publisher, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease seven years ago.

His limbs on one side are in constant motion, like he’s keeping time to a particularly torrid Ramones song. But as much as his physical self is struggling to stay in control, Wiese’s intellect and spiritual self are flourishing, as evidenced by his new autobiography Onward & Upward.

“I found a ‘through line’ though writing the book. I didn’t know at the beginning that it would be the theme, but I only wrote about the things in my life that have been joyous.

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