This Week in History: Syria hangs Israeli spy Eli Cohen

May 21, 2014 19:05

Premium special: A glimpse into historical moments in Israeli news from this week in 'The Jerusalem Post' front covers.

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Syria hangs Eli Cohen

Syria hangs Eli Cohen. (photo credit:ARCHIVE)


On May 18, 1965,  Eli Cohen, known as one of Israel's greatest spies, was hung in a public square in Damascus, Syria. Cohen was sent to Syria disguised as Kamel Amin Thaabet, and managed to infiltrate the highest levels of the Syrian government in the 1960s. He passed on information to Israel that eventually contributed to the IDF's victory in the Six Day War. In 1965, Cohen was caught in the act of transmitting information to Israel. He was tried and found guilty of espionage, and hanged publicly in May of that year.


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