When other interests get in the way

May 22, 2014 13:32

How an initial commitment to humanitarian aid and relief by the organizations appointed to solve the Palestinian refugee problem became heavily politicized.

Shuafat refugee camp

The security barrier runs along the Shuafat refugee camp.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

With the recent breakdown of another iteration of attempts to “make forward progress” in Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, many have remarked on the basic intractability of the issues that divide the two. Among these, the disposition of the Palestinian refugees remains a focal point as a “redline” concern for both sides. The long-politicized historical narrative of the Palestinian refugees has taken center stage, sidelining attempts to inject objectivity or practicality into the negotiations.

But the ingrained blame-game pattern that interminably seeks to tease out who bears the “original sin” of culpability for the crisis misses a crucial piece of the puzzle.


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