Cooking with books

A few special cookbooks with especially tasty and creative recipes

June 8, 2017 14:35
Pomegranate faloodeh

Pomegranate faloodeh. (photo credit: SHALEV MANN AND EFRAT LICHTENSTADT)

We are currently in the midst of Israel's Shvua Hasefer (Book Week), and I'm so excited by all the Hebrew cookbooks that are newly available. The only thing I like doing as much as cooking and baking is getting my hands on a new cookbook. The gorgeous pictures, the smell of freshly printed paper, and of course the creative recipes – I feel like a kid sticking my hand into a jar of candy. I get so excited to see new recipes that I jump right into action and start preparing new dishes.

I'd like to celebrate this year's Shvua Hasefer by choosing a few special cookbooks with recipes I found to be especially tasty and creative. Bon appétit!

Translated by Hannah Hochner.


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