Email as it was in ancient times

August 14, 2014 11:40

The tale of a bottle’s nautical voyage around the globe, and the message inside.


The original letter, which was returned to its writer in Israel after washing up on a Bahamas beach, after floating for nearly 2 years.. (photo credit:YAEL EISNER)

Who among us hasn’t pondered throwing a bottle into the ocean with a message, and who hasn’t thought when walking along the beach of finding a message in a bottle? A man called John walks his dog in the powder- fine white sands of an outlying island in the Bahamas on a windy day in January. A wave washes up to him and out of the see-through, blue-green water falls a bottle, delivered by an angel of the sea, crystal clear; the shiny moon-and-star glitter still sparkling and swirling around a rolled parchment. Once out of the water, there are no signs it has been floating in the Gulf Stream and swells of the Atlantic Ocean for nearly two years.

He wants to save the bottle for his hot pepper sauce, but the cap is sealed shut, with epoxy apparently. He shatters it to get to the message.


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