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From vision to reality
June 19, 2014 12:17
A Manhattan rabbi’s journey to the rocky hilltop that became Efrat.
Shlomo Riskin

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin teaches a class of students from the Joseph and Gwendolyn Straus Rabbinical Seminary and Yeshivat Hesder Machanayim.. (photo credit:GERSHON ELLINSON)

When Rabbi Shlomo Riskin left New York with his family to immigrate in 1983, the internationally renowned educator and Lincoln Square Synagogue rabbi had no idea what would happen during his next 30 years in Israel.

Riskin had left behind a thriving career as a spiritual leader and founder of a major Orthodox institution, Manhattan’s Lincoln Square Synagogue, with its Jewish education and social action outreach programs as well as its 4,000 members. During his tenure in America, Riskin established four underground houses of study in Moscow, Leningrad, Riga and Vilna on a clandestine visit to the Soviet Union in 1970.


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